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Configuring Report Parameters

Configuring Report Parameters

Report parameters allow a report to accept input from a user. This gives the report flexibility because it allows a user to select specific criteria for the report There are two ways for Crystal Delivery to provide the report with input to the parameters:

Static Parameter

The parameter value, such as Company Name, does not change each time the report is run.

Dynamic Parameter

This gives the user the flexibility of combining a report input parameter with a parameter that dynamically changes based on calendar day. An example of this is a report that is scheduled to run automatically every Sunday night and reports the shipping data since the previous Monday. The report could be written in Crystal Reports to do this but the advantage to using an input parameter combined with a Dynamic Parameter is that the report can be easily reconfigured to report data since the previous Tuesdays or perhaps for the last 14 days, without having to rewrite the report to accomplish this.


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