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Configuring Email

Step 1: Email Server Settings

  1. Enter your SMTP server information under Tools → Mail Settings.Mail Settings
  2. Please consult with your mail server administrator for what these settings should be.Mail Settings

Step 2: Attach File to Email

  1. In the Export Directory tab is the option to email the exported file. Check the email file box and then complete the fields in the Export Email tab.Attach File

Important At least 1 file must be selected to be attached to an email or the email will not be sent.

Step 3: Configure Email Message

  1. Enter in the appropriate email fields:
    1. From this field is the sender email address. An email alias can be given to the sender by adding text followed by the email address enclosed in brackets.
      1. Example: My From Address <>
    2. To Enter email recipients here.
    3. CC This means “Carbon Copy.” The recipients entered here will be copied on the email.
    4. BCC This means “Blind Carbon Copy.” The email addresses you enter here will be sent without other people knowing.
    5. Subject Enter in the subject of your email.
    6. Message Enter in your message. If you've selected to attach a file from Step 2 then it will automatically be added to your email.

Export Email

Step 4: Send Email

Emails will automatically be sent based on the Export Interval you previously selected. A manual email can be sent by clicking the Export button on the main toolbar.

Doing this will trigger a report to be generated, and attached to the email before being sent.

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