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Batch Export Report

Crystal Delivery includes the option to batch export a report. If the source Crystal report contains parameters that have default values (defined in the source Crystal Report), Crystal Delivery will include a parameter value of [batch] to the list of default values. By selecting [batch] for your parameter value, Crystal Delivery will loop through your list of default parameter values and export the report for each parameter value. The [batch] value can only be used for one parameter per scheduled report

  1. In the Batch Values section of the Parameters tab, enter a batch value such as a person's name
  2. Click Add as shown in below (Circle 1)
  3. Repeat as many times as needed
  4. Select the parameter to apply the batch values to as shown below (Circle 2)
  5. Click Use Batch to apply the batch values to that parameter as shown below (Circle 3)

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