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Crystal Delivery Installation

Downloading and installing Crystal Delivery is simple.


  1. Download the Crystal Delivery ZIP file from the homepage
  2. Unzip the Crystal Delivery ZIP file.
  3. Run the 'setup.exe' file
  4. Run the Crystal Delivery shortcut from your start menu

Notes If you are missing the prerequisites listed on the Requirements page, the 'setup.exe' file will automatically download and install these files for you. This will add time to your install process depending on your internet speed.

The installation steps for the paid version of Crystal Delivery are the same. If you've already installed the free version, you will follow similar steps to install the paid version, which will upgrade your free version.

Silent Install (Command Line)

C:\path\to\CrystalDeliveryPro.exe /qn

C:\path\to\CrystalDeliveryStandard.exe /qn

C:\path\to\CrystalDeliveryFree.exe /qn

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