Crystal Delivery 10.4.6 Released!


Update to Crystal Delivery Scheduler

Groff Automation has just released Crystal Delivery 10, an update to our free scheduler. It has been completely rewritten in C# using the .NET runtime engine from CRv13. The user interface is similar, but other things have changed:

-Report information is stored in a Microsoft SQL Compact database
-It uses the Quartz.NET scheduling engine with Cron format input
-It supports sending Email through Gmail, and also HTML formatted emails
-It can export your report as a PDF, Excel (.xls), Word Document (.doc), XML, RTF, etc in multiple locations
-It can “Start with Windows” and/or “Start to Tray”

Free to schedule up to 6 reports
Crystal Delivery has been free, and it is still free if you are scheduling up to 6 reports. If you need to schedule more than 6 reports there is an unlimited version for $30. Purchase Here

Installation Information:

1) Download Crystal Delivery 10.4.6
2) Unzip the Crystal Delivery ZIP Archive
3) Run the ‘setup.exe’. Any prerequisites will be installed during this time.
4) Run the Crystal Delivery shortcut from your start menu

License Holders:

Please submit a support ticket to request the latest version.

Purchase Here

Free 6-Report Version


Crystal Corral v2.2.0.0 Screenshot
Report viewer for Crystal Reports
Download 64Bit Version
Download 32Bit Version

The Crystal Corral downloads is a zip file that contain two installers. The MSI installer will only install the program specific components without verifying the presence of the required runtime files.  The Setup.exe will check for the runtime files and attempt to download any files that are missing and then will run the MSI installer.  Unzip the installers into a single directory and then run the Setup.exe.  The Crystal Report runtime files are also linked below if you would rather download them seperate from the installer.


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Groff Automation software is supported through donations which can be made by using PayPal or by mail using the PDF form listed below. Groff Automation software will remain freeware as long as the donations offset the cost of supplying the downloads. If you find the freeware listed here useful, please contribute. All donations, large and small, are greatly appreciated.
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